How to start a conversation

Movies and shows What was...

Movies and shows

  • What was the last funny movie you saw?

  • What’s your favorite movie(s)?

  • What kind of shows do you watch?




  • What is your favorite food?

  • Can you cook it? How is it prepared?

  • What types of foreign food have you tried? What is your favorite?

  • Do you like “rare” steak or do you think it is disgusting?

  • What would your death row meal be? (My Favorite) 



  • Do you think beer is a man’s drink or a woman’s drink?

  • Do you ever mix anything with beer?

  • Do you know how beer is made?

  • What’s your favorite type of beer? Why?


Small talk/catch up

  • Tell me three unlikely things you did today.

  • “What’s the strangest thing about where you grew up?”

  • “What does your name mean?” (If they say, “I don’t know,” reply, “What would you like it to mean?”)

  • “What are you looking forward to this week?”

  • “Who do you think is the luckiest person in this room?”

  • “What does this house remind you of?”



  • Do you have any children?

  • How old are they?

  • Any cool interests that they’re into?

  • What’s the creepiest thing you’ve heard your kid say?



  • Do you prefer playing or watching sports?

  • How do you prefer watching sports? Going there, being at home on TV, or in a bar on a giant screen?

  • What’s your favorite team?

  • Are you in any Fantasy Leagues?


Vacation/Travel Plan

  • If you could fly anywhere for free, where would you go and why?

  • Ever been on a road trip? To where?

  • Where’s the last place you traveled? How old were you when you went?

  • Do you prefer a backpacking vacation or relaxing on the beach?



  • What’s your favorite restaurant?

  • What do you usually order?

  • Any good places to eat around here?




  • If music were all of a sudden deleted from the world, how would you feel and what would you miss?

  • What kind of genre do you most like to listen to?

  • Do you have a favorite band or singer? Why do you like them?

  • What is your least favorite type of music? Country?

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