How to Skin and Gut an animal

Never forget that you have removed a living, breathing creature from its natural life cycle. Whether it’s a bug or a buck, it has the same spirit and not utilizing the whole animal would be a waste. Give thanks and appreciate that a living being gave up its life for you.

1. On an incline, lay the carcass on its back.
2. Cut off genitals and udders.
3. Just beneath the skin, slice the hide down the middle from the chin down to the tail. Be careful not to puncture any organs.
4. Open the chest cavity by separating the sternum.

5. Reach inside remove internal organs. Start from the front of the intestines and working your way to the back.
NOTE: Be especially cautious when cutting the bladder so that you do not puncture it, otherwise, urine will contaminate the meat. Tightly pinch the urethra and cut it above the pinching point, then remove the bladder.

7. Cut a circle on the outside of the anus.
8. Pull out the anus from the inside of the body cavity.

9. Lift the carcass to drain it of all the blood.

10. Just above the hoof/paw cut along the inside of the legs to remove the hide.

11. Peel the skin back while cutting the membrane between skin and meat until all of the skin is removed.


NOTE: Edible Guts!
Heart, kidneys, and liver are good eating and full of nutrients.
Stomach, small intestines, and large intestines are full of acid and waste. Unless those organs are properly prepared, DO NOT eat them.
If any part of the meat becomes contaminated, it will quickly turn rancid. Use your eyes and nose. If the meat looks bad or smells bad, cut that part out.

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