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Customer Service Email: Membersupport@AlphaOutpost.com

Customer Service Phone: (630) 352-4898


Q. I placed a membership/subscription order and my next order is saying I'm receiving the same thing?

A. The name of your original subscription will stay the same but you'll still get a brand new unreleased box every month.


Q. I can't update my credit card information. Where can I do that at?

A. You can update your credit card information in the manage subscription page or you can contact our member support at (630) 352-4898.


Q. I ordered 2 subscriptions but they haven't shipped yet?

A. As a service to our customers, we will send out an email or call to confirm that a double order subscription has been placed. We will ask if you want to keep one subscription or keep both as a financial precaution to the customer. We do this so our customers do not get double charged due to signing up for two promotions.


Q. Why is there a cancellation fee?

A. A cancellation fee is in place to stop individuals from abusing membership promotion sales.


Q. Why are there stricken prices/strike through pricing on certain products and not on others?

A. The former price appears with a line through it indicating that it is no longer valid. This is a great way for us to communicate discounts or sales to our customers.