The Predator Mindset

The number one rule

The responsibility of survival and success solely lies on you.


Learn from failure

Own up to your own mistakes to become more lethal. If the target escapes, then most likely you made a mistake and may need to reconsider your prey selections, position, timing, etc…



You must be disciplined enough to recognize the perfect time to strike or when it’s time back down.



Always be on full alert. A successful hunter is rarely caught by surprise. Your targets are the ones that are not aware, impatient, and full of mistakes. That’s the prey.



Strike fast and accurately, the objective is to get in and get out. The less time you’re are vulnerable struggling in a fight, the less time the prey can go get help and the sooner you can go home safely.


Target the weakest link

Target the loner, the weakest and slowest of the herd. This is a crucial strategy that has been successfully implemented by the most dangerous of predators psych as lions and wolves.


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