The Color Code System: Mental Conditioning

Mental Conditioning trains you towards a mindful state of awareness. Thinking with an aware mind will then prepare you for deadly situations.  One of the most effective deterrents is an alert person.  A criminal would rather deal with an unaware, careless person than an aware one. Preparing yourself mentally will assist you in preventing and defusing a situation before deadly force becomes necessary. Below are the conditions that will allow you to move from one level of mindset to another while enabling you with the ability to properly handle a given situation.


Condition White:  Condition White is an oblivious state during which a person is totally vulnerable and is unaware of his surroundings.  DO NOT be caught in this condition.



Condition Yellow:  Condition Yellow is a state of non-specific alert.  You are aware of everything going on around you and if the need arises, you are prepared to act.


Condition Orange: Condition Orange is a state of specific alertness.  You identified a dangerous situation. You have decided that a course of action is needed.  One of the rules of deadly force was met and you are prepared to respond accordingly.


Condition Red: Condition Red is the state of being actively engaged with a specific threat. A decision has been made and a set course of action is being taken.


Condition Black: Condition Black is an add-on to the white, yellow, orange, and red conditions. This is when you experience a total state of panic and denial characterized by the inability to logically think and react.  This is a condition that you must avoid.


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