The Campground Toilet Pit

If you’re out and about doing some backcountry camping one thing to prepare for is not seeing a bathroom. If you’re out with a group of friends, having a designated bathroom site is the best option to do the deed and is the most ecologically responsible thing to do. Below are some ways and tips to help you make a Campground Toilet Pit.


  1. Location, Location, Location

There are many things you should keep in mind when picking a location for a campground bathroom. The most important factor is distance. Find a site that has some privacy (surrounding trees, bushes) and isn’t that far from the campground. An ideal distance is nothing less than 200ft from any of your sites. For example, your campground bathroom should be 200ft away from your fire pit, cooking area, and any water source. Another element you should consider is selecting a location that’s downwind of your campsite. You don’t want to smell those spicy wings your friend John ate yesterday so keep that in mind.


  1. Making the Toilet Pit

Once you have chosen the best location for your toilet pit, the next step is digging it up. First, clear out any fallen logs or brush, you can also use these to make the area more private. Now, dig a hole about 3 ft. long and around 6-8in down. Use the Alpha Outpost Prime shovel to help with digging. If you are by yourself, you can make a pit called a cat hole. A cat-hole is a pit for just one person. Make a cat hole by digging about 6in deep and 4in wide.


  1. Using the Toilet Pit

To help ease the awkwardness when using the bathroom in the outdoors, there’s a couple of things you can do to make it more comfortable. For instance, if you dig up your hole next to a tree, you can use the tree to lean into. Just like a wall-sit workout. Another thing is placing flat stones in the area you're going be stepping in so you won’t be off balance. You don’t want to end up wobbling and landing on your own shit. ALWAYS bring your own toilet paper or wet wipes, but if you happen to run out, good old Mother Nature has you covered. You can use natural items like leaves, smooth sticks, clean stones, and snow if it's winter. Toilet paper needs to be thrown away afterward, but natural alternatives can be left there. Pack all wiping waste in its own bag. Bring a nice heavy duty zip-loc to help with that. After each use always use hand sanitizer to clean your hands.


  1. Cleaning up the Toilet Pit

You should always cover your waste with soil to deter odor. Before leaving your campsite, practice “Leave No Trace” so completely cover the pit with soil and top it with branches. The goal is to make it look like no one was there. Most importantly, remember to take all the trash with you, such as toilet paper wrappers, wet wipes, and toilet paper. DO NOT dig your trash, it’s just not cool.

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Rodney burton

Rodney burton

How do I go about getting the shovel kit to purchase

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