Making a Dakota Fire Hole

Dakota Fire Hole If you...

Dakota Fire Hole

If you want to take full advantage of a fire and mother nature, one of the best fires to create out in the wild is a Dakota Fire Hole (also known as a Dakota Fire Pit.) These holes work very well for a fire because it takes advantage of the updraft.

The following steps are how to make a Dakota Fire Hole.

  1. Dig 2 holes in the ground about 8-10 inches apart and 10-12 inches deep.
  2. On the side closest to the wind direction, punch one large connecting hole for ventilation.

If you are making this during the winter or just experienced rainfall, you can use wet green logs for the base of your fire.

The Dakota fire hole is an appreciated technique in wilderness survival because it burns firewood more efficiently and it creates hotter fires with less wood. In some areas, scavenging for firewood is exactly that, scavenging. Using the least amount of energy is key in the wild, this fire allows you to attend to your other survival needs, rather than having to find firewood for a long time. Another advantage of this technique is that is just like a stove. The ground provides a suitable platform to cook over. Some other positives about this fire technique are, it’s practically an underground fireplace. If you want to conceal your fire or practice leave no trace this is will help.

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