Taking care of your sleeping bag

Are you excited about your new sleeping bag and curious on how to take care of it? Even if you're just craving tips on how to make it last longer? Look no further, the tips and tricks below will help you keep you and your sleeping bag outdoors for many adventures to come!  


Storage After every trip, air dry your bag for a minimum of twenty-four hours before storing. Never store your bag in its tiny stuff sack! The longer you compress the insulation inside, the more of the puff it loses. It's fine to use a stuff sack, even a compression stuff sack when you're outdoors, however the minute you get home, get your sleeping bag out of that cramped area. Afterward, shake it a little to get all the insulation back in its place. Once you’re done with that, unfold it out on your bed or put it somewhere flat then hang it somewhere (like a jacket).  


Washing Wash your sleeping bag once it starts smelling like left out hot dog water and of course if it gets dirty. For most people, once a year is fine, but if you’re out every weekend, clean it. For a safe and detailed washing, find a front-loading jumbo washing machine; you can find them at your local laundromat. A front loading washing machine is better because the agitators that churn clothes in most home laundry machines can twist causing damage to the insulation fibers. Before you put your sleeping bag in the washer make sure all the zipper or fasteners are closed. This will keep everything in one place. NOTE: Always read the manufacturer's care label instructions.  

Tip: Tennis balls help puff your sleeping bag

Drying Just like washing, find a jumbo drying machine. One thing that you should keep in mind is when you’re transferring your wet sleeping bag to the dryer. When a sleeping bag is wet, it can easily get knotted, so be careful. Sleeping bags can take up to two to five hours to dry completely. Check the bag every hour to make sure that no clumping is occurring and that the fabric is not getting too hot. If it begins to clump, air dry instead.

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