Multipurpose Poncho!

We all understand ponchos are the best and easiest way to stay dry in the rain when you don’t have a shelter. Not only are they good to stop rain but they can be used for multiple scenarios. A poncho can be your best friend even if it is not raining, so keep one handy.   One thing to take into consideration when talking about ponchos is the quality. The uses below are not for those trash bag quality ponchos you find for a dollar, they are for heavy-duty, multipurpose, military style ponchos. More importantly, the Alpha Outpost “All Weather Poncho” has qualities that have functionality to them.

For example, the grommets are perfect to tie other things to it (weights to hold it down) or to tie it to anything (a tree, tent stakes). Another great feature of the poncho is the drawstring hood, you can tighten it around your head so in windy conditions, you won’t get wet. So now that you understand what I mean by "poncho," let’s look at what else you can use a poncho for.  


1. As a Foot Print: Simply lay it down with the camouflage facing the bottom. This is often nice for when you’re sleeping, resting, or just trying to avoid damp surfaces.


2. Keeps your shit dry: It’s raining, and you have no room in your tent for your gear or firewood. What do you do? You take your Alpha Outpost Poncho and you cover them using the snaps and grommets.  


3. Sun Shade: If you find yourself in an area that can't provide shade. Use the poncho to create a canopy to keep you cool. Temperatures under shade can be ten degrees cooler than temperatures under the sun.


4. Shelter: If you have some paracord on you, you can build a shelter. Use anything from tent stakes to branches to help you.  


5. Collect rainwater: Since it’s waterproof, you can collect water with your poncho. All you have to do is simply lay it over a hole or low groove within the ground. If you can't find one, you can dig your own. Another way to collect rainwater is to hang it on all four corners and let the hood act as a funnel that will go into a water reservoir.

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