Tent Maintenance and Cleaning

Like most people, you want to keep any of your gear clean so it can last a lifetime. That being said, your tent is your first line of defense against the elements and is always in contact with whatever is on the ground. Equally, try avoiding direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Just how staying in the sun can damage your skin, UV rays can also degrade different types of fabrics. Unfortunately, you can’t just take your tent to a dry cleaner and get it cleaned so it’s up to you to maintain it. Rest assured, you might think this is a difficult task, but it’s really quite simple, just takes a little care and some good old fashion elbow grease.

In this section, we are going to go through a variety of tips to help you care for your tent.

The Zippers
We have all had an experience when a zipper gets jammed. If this happens, do no try to force it up, instead, try wiggling while carefully sliding it backward on the track. Sometimes when zipping too fast, the fabric may get caught underneath the zipper causing a jam.


Leave Gear Outside
Any gear you have that doesn’t belong inside the tent leave it out, especially food. If carrying food with you, take the time to set up a bear bag rig. To find out how to make a bear bag rig just go to www.AlphaOutpost.com. One piece of gear to definitely leave outside your tent is the shoes you are wearing. Soil and small pebbles can puncture your tent if you decide to bring them in. What if it’s raining you ask? Well, place your socks completely flat and then place your shoes on them to create a cushion from the tent fabric.



Your tent should be cleaned after an extended trip, especially if the tent was on sand, fine dirt, or even if a bird thought your tent was a statue and wanted to poop on it. If you do weekend trips or even one-day trips just give your tent a nice cleaning per season.

If your tent is really dirty, just take a soft sponge, cold water and non-detergent soap (baby soap, etc.) and gently scrub soiled areas. Avoid any heavy household cleaners. If your tent has a moldy smell, grab an enzyme cleaner to kill any moldy areas. Try not to do some heavy scrubbing that can damage the fabric of the tent when removing mold, bird poop, or tree sap. Once you’re done cleaning your tent, always let it air dry completely before packing it away.

NOTE: Never machine wash a tent


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