Adding Fuel to you Alpha Outpost Torch

Items needed:

butane canbutane torch

- Alpha Outpost Torch Lighter

- Butane Refill Can

 Note: Your butane bottle may look different. You can purchase butane from most major supermarket stores or a liquor store.



butane torch

Step 1:  Locate the gas injection opening at the bottom of the torch.


butane torch

Step 2: Hold the torch while its upside down and place the butane refilling valve into the gas injection port.


butane torch

Step 3: Now press down on the can of fuel onto the port. You might hear some noise, this is just the butane entering the gas cylinder. Be patient, it will take some time before it is full. When full, the can may spray out some butane or you may stop hearing gas enter the cylinder. DO NOT pump the fuel can into the torch.


butane torch

Step 4: After refilling, let the torch rest until it reaches room temperature. This is because the fuel is cold and may not start immediately. Once at room temperature, try to start. If it does not start, adjust knobs.



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