How to ignite the Primus Classic Trail Stove

The Classic Trail is a...

The Classic Trail is a simple, durable and classic outdoor stove for those who wish to enjoy good food in the great outdoors. The crosswise pot support acts as a built-in windscreen that makes cooking both fast and reliable..

 Canister Threads

1. Check the fuel canister (Butane/propane mix)

  • Check the canister and ensure the threads are clean. Dirt can cause a bad seal and possible fuel leaks causing poor performance from your stove.


Regulator Knob


2. Check Stove 

  • Check that the regulator knob is in the "Off" position.
  • Ensure stove o-ring is not cracked or dirty.


Properly connected stove and cannister

3. Connect Stove to canister

  • Screw on, while ensuring threads are seeding properly.


4. Start Stove.

  • Slowly turn the regulator knob. Hold a lighter or match over the stove to ignite. Adjust knob as needed.


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