Hunting for Fish!

How do some fisherman have a certain advantage over others? The main reason is being able to think like a fish. Just like a hunter, you should understand your prey’s habitats. If some of this still isn’t making sense, put it this way; how can you catch a fish if you have no idea how to locate them.


The fundamentals: Like everything that is living, food is necessary to survive. For fish, food isn’t just found all over. Rock Piles: If you are fishing a river or creek, rock piles in colder water attract smallmouth bass, walleyes, perch, and hybrid bass. These types of fish also are enticed by the current.


Submergent Vegetation: Grass, weed beds, elodea, and logs all provide habitats for bait fish. This is a prime feeding grounds for largemouth bass, panfish, and musky. These areas also are shallow which provide warmer water. If you like to fish for bass, just remember this saying: “where there’s grass, there’s bass.” Learn about the fish species you are out for. The more you learn about them, the more likely you are to find and catch them.

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