Different ways to use your Mosquito Net

As we all know a mosquito net offers a barrier against mosquitos, flies, and all types of crazy critters. Not only does a mosquito net protect you from insects but also from all the viruses and diseases they might carry. Even with all these features, mosquito nets can be transformed to be other effective tools. The list below will show what else you can use a poncho for.

1. Fishing Net: In some regions of the world millions of mosquito nets are donated to fight to malaria-infected mosquitos, but nevertheless, several people faced with hunger use them as fish nets.


2. Gauze: Folding layers of mosquito net fabric creates a great makeshift gauze. In a survival situation, this is ideal if nothing else is available.  


3. Face Shield: Just cut a piece big enough to wrap it around your head. Remember that if the net is touching your skin it is still possible to get bit by a mosquito or bugs.  


4. Animal Cage: If you caught yourself an animal, you can use a mosquito net as a makeshift cage. It'll not only protect it from some bugs but prevent it from running away.



5. Window Screen: Do you want to sleep under the stars but don't want to get bit by bugs. Use some mosquito netting, tape, or magnets to make a temporary window screen. 

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