Omar Gonzalez Alpha Outpost

Omar Gonzalez Alpha Outpost

Shooting any weapon system is fun, but also very dangerous. You can be proficient with one weapon but then use a crossbow and look at it puzzled wondering where the safety is. So let's talk about some crossbow safety tips!

Remember it is a weapon and misuse of a crossbow may cause serious harm or even death.

  1. Just like a range have proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the weapon you are firing. In this case, wearing a good pair of safety glasses is a must.
  2. Do not run or stalk with a loaded crossbow.
  3. The foregrip is there for a reason. Use it so your fingers won't get in the path of the bowstring when firing.
  4. Be positive of your target, whether it's small game or paper make sure you know what lies behind it.
  5. When cocking an arrow, do not point your crossbow at anything other than the designated target.
  6. Move the safety to FIRE position only when you are ready to FIRE.
  7. Keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to FIRE.
  8. Keep your arrows protected. You don’t want to trip and impale yourself.

Bonus tip: Use common sense.

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