Small Game Body Trap and Set-Up

How does a Body Trap...

How does a Body Trap work

The Duke 110 body trap is constructed to compress around the animal's neck with enough force and quickness to expire an animal while reducing the chance of suffering.

This body trap is composed of 2 metal squares designed to open and close like a jaw. The 110 is composed of one spring for fast trap activation and size of the target animal.

How to set up


1. Extend spring away from the rotating jaws of the trap. Then with one or two hands, compress the spring.


2. While keeping the spring compressed, bring the trap jaws together.


3. Place the dog into the notch of the trigger.


CAUTION: Trap is now fully set. Be careful setting down the trap.

Overall, these body traps are easy to use and they're one of the most popular traps available today. For the beginner trapper or someone who's been doing it a lifetime, this body trap is a great choice!


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