Advantages of Karambit Knife

What is a Karambit Knife?

The Karambit Knife is a curved multi-use knife designed for protection, preciseness, and efficiency. It has a curved blade, comfortable handle, and usually, includes at least one safety ring.

Why you should use the Karambit Knife


Forward Grip

Strengths: Precision, Control, Stability, Leverage
Weaknesses: Maneuverability, Power, Reach

There are many advantages to handling the Karambit Knife. One of the best advantages is the handle; the handle offers a no-slip grip that makes it a trustworthy safety feature in even the most unfriendly conditions. 


Reverse Grip

 Strengths: Stability, Leverage, Maneuverability, Power, Control
Weaknesses: Precision, Reach

Further, the Karambit was originally developed as an agricultural and field tool. It can be used for gutting, cleaning, scaling, scoring, slicing ropes, survival situations, and many other functional purposes.

There are many knives out there in the market, but the wide-ranging functionality of the karambit offers countless features. This knife is good for hunters, fisherman, backpackers, rock climbers, spelunkers, field operatives, law enforcement, first responders, search and rescue units, military, preppers, and martial artists. Not only does the Karambit fit into tight areas where others knives can't, but it also provides balance and safety at weird angles, in cramped spaces, and in high-stress situations.


Knife Instructor using Reverse Grip

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