Why you should have a mosquito net?

As a result of hotter weather, deforestation, and also the increasing ease of travel everywhere on the planet, mosquitos are breeding faster and spreading more. Diseases carried by mosquitos should not be taken lightly, it's better to protect yourself. Like the name says, Mosquito nets keep a wall against these tiny vampires.

Not only do these nets protect you from mosquitos but provide protection from all types of insects. The main purpose of a mosquito net is not to trap or kill them, but to provide you with a safe barrier to keep any insect away from you. One of the main advantages of a mosquito net is the mobility you have with it. Unlike a tent, you can use this on a rough surface.


Further, if you are in a location where a room has open areas and no window screens, having a mosquito net is an advantage. But remember, don't get too close to the net. If you find yourself touching the screen, a mosquito or any insect can land on you and possibly sting/bite you through it.  

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Mosquito nets are known in some areas of the world to cut down on mosquito-carried diseases. Additionally, the nets take the place of dangerous chemicals that can be applied to skin and chemicals people can wear to repel the insects. A number of these chemicals will make certain people feel uncomfortable, making mosquito nets a safer alternative.   So when you are out there in on an adventure always protect yourself from the elements! 

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