The Sawyer Advantage!
Are you sure your water is safe to drink?

Even water that is crystal clear from a fresh mountain spring can be loaded with bacteria and protozoa that cause illness.

Sawyer’s 0.1-micron absolute filters house a cluster of micro-fibrous tubes which use similar technology found in medical dialysis. As water passes through the side walls of the tubes, harmful bacteria and protozoa are trapped on the outer walls so you can be confident your water is safe to drink.



1. Absolute Microns - Sawyer tests to verify that no pores in our letters are bigger than the listed pore size, unlike other filters that list a nominal or average pore size. This is why we o er the highest level of filtration.

2. Longer lasting - Sawyer filters are robust and can be cleaned over and over. No replacement cartridges needed.

3. No air locking - Sawyer filters will self-correct and not air lock.

*Though the strand size is 0.05 micron in size, this bacteria is shaped like a corkscrew, therefore the shape of the bacteria prohibits it from passing through our 0.1-micron pores.
**Viruses are not commonly transmitted in water, however, Sawyer’s 0.02-micron purifier will filter 99.9999% of viruses. If you’re traveling to an area where there is a known hepatitis or polio outbreak consider using a purifier instead of a filter.
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