The benefits of a Campfire

Having a campfire doesn’t only provide heat but can give you a way to signal your location. If you ever find yourself in a survival situation you’ll need to signal for help both day and night.


A campfire produces the heat needed to make both water and food safe to eat. If you have a campfire going and a pot or pan with access to food and water, you’re able to refuel your body by hydrating yourself with boiled water and refueling your body with cooked food.


A fire is also a great survival tool because it transmits light that’s soothing and it also allows for you to read a book, map, or even a compass. Remember that being able to make a fire has helped us in the primitive ages and in modern times. Fire is needed for survival. It not only brings us warmth at night but also is able to help us prepare multiple foods comfortably. That being said, never under pack when it comes to making a fire. Always ensure that you have a Ferro rod, a lighter, and waterproof matches.


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