Shooting Range DONT'S

Don't be this guy DON’T...

Don't be this guy

DON’T ever show up at a range buzzed or intoxicated.



Proper way to show a weapon is unloaded

DON’T ever bring an already loaded weapon into the range.



Have your ammunition ready to load at the firing line

DON’T load your weapon anywhere else but the firing line.



Aim forward and NOT left or right

DON’T shoot at anything beyond your left and right lateral limits.



The lines are there for a reason, do not step over them for any reason

DON’T ever step over the red, yellow, or orange boundary line designated by the range safety officer only.


Perfect example on how to pass a weapon. Weapon has ejection port cover open and no magazine inserted 

DON’T ever hand off a firearm to another shooter while at the firing line. As an alternative put the weapon down and let the shooter pick it up.

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