Selecting a Campsite

If you're thinking about going camping, one critical decision you're going to have to make is selecting a campsite. There are two types of areas you can stay in; backcountry and front country.



Backcountry camping means spending at least one night in the wilderness, usually at designated backcountry campsites or trail shelter far from the nearest road. Once you have done your research and arrive at your location, make sure to check in with the local ranger station to alert them of your presence. This also gives you time to ask about trail conditions and dangerous wildlife.



Frontcountry is made out of outdoor areas that are easily accessible by vehicle. These sites are mostly visited by day users. Developed campgrounds are also included in the front country area. Frontcountry locations tend to be more crowded and attract a wider range of visitors than backcountry.

Spending time outdoors can be a great way to connect with nature and forget some real-life problems that might be weighing you down. So, keep in mind, pick a campsite that will let you relax.

  • Research camping regulations or permit requirements for the area in which you want to camp in.
  • Scenic views are nice but, there’s more to soaking up a beautiful landscape. Some individuals prefer scenic overlooks, canyons, and mountains, and some just need to be surrounded by trees to feel comfortable.
  • Choose a site appropriate for the size of your group.
  • Morning sun will dry tents and warm you up. Afternoon shade will shield you from the hot sun.
  • Ground that has a slight rise will help to avoid puddles in the case of rain.
  • Avoid areas heavy with mosquitoes and other insects. Unless Prepared.
  • Breezes can keep down insect numbers. They travel with the wind not against it.
  • Avoid tall grassy meadows because chiggers, ticks, ants, and other bugs live there.

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