Gear you need to go to the Range


1. Range Bag

One of the first things you need to get is a Range Bag. Some of the features that you will want in a range bag are MOLLE straps and multiple compartments for storage. While keeping storage in mind, be aware that strong shoulder straps are going to be necessary if you decide to fill your bag with a lot of ammo.


2. Ammunition

Ammunition is the second most important item to add to your range bag. This is one of those items that people forget and overlook because it’s easy to assume that they’ll have it at whatever range you might be going to. When bringing ammunition to the range, remember, you’re there to shoot at targets and not threats. So, take ammo that you find dependable, but also not expensive. 


3. Maintenance Gear

No matter how well you maintain your weapons, there’s always a possibility you may need to service them while you’re at the range. That’s why you should consider including field cleaning products and a multi purpose gun tool in your range bag.


 4. Eye Protection

It obvious why you would need eye protection at the range. In fact, most ranges will not even let you shoot unless you have them on. On top of that, even when you’re not using actively using your firearm, there are other hazards. For example, wear glasses to protect your eyes from cleaning solvents or any type of springs that can come loose.


5. Hearing Protection

Wearing some type of hearing protection is critical when using firearms. Your bag should always have at least a pair or two of foam earplugs. These are compact and cheap to use as backups and to lend to your friends if they forgot their hearing protection.

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I’m always going to the range which box would I want to get each month. Need help. Thanks

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