Finding Live Bait: Night crawlers
Grass Mat Technique To attract worms and keep them in a spot where they are easily gathered, make a worm bed. Place several inches of matted straw over dirt you have loosened and turned with a shovel. Keep the straw moist to draw worms.
"Easy" Pickin's Because night crawlers get expensive, a lot of fishermen try to collect their own, but some are lucky if they can get a day's worth. Here's how you can catch enough nightcrawlers in just an hour or two to last a good majority of the fishing season. All you need is a cold place to keep them in.
  • Most worm pickers go out at night, but you can often find more worms in the early morning, especially if it has been drizzling all night. By morning, the worms are crawling some distance from their burrows, so catching them is easy, and you don't need a light. The best early-morning spots are golf course greens and fresh cut lawns. Note: Find areas where they don't apply chemicals to control the worms.
  • Look for night crawlers during or after a lengthy light rain or drizzle. Worms don't like being hit by heavy rain. The air temperature should be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, worms will stay in the ground.
  • Wait until a couple of hours after dark so they can actually come out and night crawl. Once they're out of their burrows their tails might be anchored still and they can easily zip back into their holes. Remember, worms can detect light and feel vibrations so be as tactical as possible when picking them out.
  • Cover your flashlight lens with a red filter. This way, the light doesn't bother the worms and the light won't ruin your night vision.
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