Controlling Bleeding

If emergency treatment is not needed, bleeding can usually be stopped by applying steady direct pressure and elevating the wound. The following steps will help you to control profuse bleeding.

Elevate the wound: Elevate the wound above the heart.

Use Direct Pressure: Apply firm pressure with a clean compress (such as heavy gauze pad, washcloth, or t-shirt) directly on top of the wound. When the bleeding slows down or stops, tie the pad firmly in place with gauze strips, a necktie, strips of cloth or a shoelace.

Use Pressure Points: By pressing on these blood vessels, the blood flow will go away from the wound and it will be slowed down. This will allow direct pressure to stop bleeding.

  • Pressure points: arm between shoulder/elbow, groin area and behind the knee.
Use Tourniquet: This is your last resort. Place the tourniquet as high above the wound as possible. Mark the time that you apply the tourniquet to tell the experts when they arrive.


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