Common Everyday Carry Items

Folding Knife: We as humans are good at picking things up, pushing things, chewing things open, and tearing things apart. But, one thing we can’t do very well without a tool is cutting things. Having a foldable pocket knife in your EDC bag allows you to instantly respond to any real world cutting task.


Smart Phone: A smartphone is really handy to have because you can have multiple useful apps that make your life simpler. For example, if you're in an unknown location it can show you where you are on a map, or it can just be used as a compass.


Tactical Pen: If you’re going to have a pen in your pocket it might as well be one that serves a purpose and not just the ballpoint pen you brought home from the last restaurant you ate at. Depending on the tactical pen you have it's going to have different features, our Alpha Outpost pen features a Glass Breaker Point for example.


First Aid Items: In real life situations, there is little need to carry a heavy jam-packed first aid kit. In many situations, a small, lightweight first aid is more desirable to a large complicated one. This type of kit is intended to stop minor common injuries, headaches, and allergies.


Multitool: A multi-tool offers solutions to everyday simple problems like loosening or tightening a screw, opening an ice-cold beer, prying a package open, or just cutting something. In thought, a multitool is the closest thing that reflects what everyday carry is about.


Lighter: You don’t have to be a smoker to carry a lighter, but having a lighter gives you that primitive caveman pride and a reminder that fire is important.


Cash: In a modern day and age, people don’t carry around money as much as they used to and use credit cards instead. However, cash still triumphs all other types of payments, especially during emergencies situations.


Conclusion: The idea of preparedness is that you should organize your life in an experienced and facts based manner that will help support yourself and others in the event of any situations presented to you. Having some of these common items will prepare you for any unexpected situations you might encounter in your daily routines.



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