Jack Frost vs. Your Car

Winter tires also have different tread patterns

Consider Winter Tires: What separates winter tires and all season tires is the rubber compound that is used. In low temperatures, all season tires harden, which cause less traction. With this in mind, winter tires use a special type of rubber allows that flexibility in cold temperatures. This, in turn, gives the tires better grip and improved braking.


Putting a tube sock over your blades helps as well

Lift up your wiper blades: When it’s cold outside and there’s freezing precipitation, one thing that you must remember is to turn off your wipers. You do this because, the next time you turn your car on, you don’t want the wiper motor fighting against the frozen snow. That can potentially burn out your wiper motor. For that very reason, just pop your wiper blades up.




Clean off your car, entirely: Once the snow starts sticking to your car, and freezing on it, it’s time to clean it off properly. To start, the obvious reason you should clean your car is to maintain proper visibility. We’ve all seen those cars driving down the road with a blizzard still on top of them. Don’t be that person. If that’s too much for some of you, remember it’s the law in many states that your vehicle must be clear of snow and ice.



Take two-three measurements to ensure you're at the right PSI

Check your tire pressure: Gas expands with heat and contracts when it’s cold. So, when that cold weather arrives, it’s best to check your tire pressure as a safety precaution.

Note: Tire pressure (per square inch) drops between 1 and 2 pounds for every 10-degree decrease in temperature.



Mylar Space Blanket

Survival Kit: 

One way to make winter safe is by getting prepared for the worst, and that involves having emergency items with you. Below are some items to put in your trunk

  • Flashlight, and extra batteries
  • Blanket, Space Blanket
  • Jumper cables
  • Snacks, non-perishables
  • First-aid kit
  • Small shovel
  • Flares or reflective triangles
  • Spare tire
  • Ice scraper
  • A bag of sand or cat litter to help with traction
  • Extra windshield wiper fluid
  • A blanket/space blanket
  • Sleeping Bag


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