How to Start a Grill

How to start a grill with Johnny Vans and Alpha Outpost

 Every man needs to know how to start the grill right, but most of us don't.  Alpha Outpost brought on BBQ and Grilling king Johnny Vans to show us the ropes.

Johnny Van is the chef/owner of Johnny Van's Smokehouse, Chicago's premiere BBQ on-site catering company.  JV follow his lifelong passion of BBQ and outdoor cooking by opening the business in 2012 after careers in the US Army and corporate America.  Johnny and his food has been featured on the Travel Channel, PBS, CBS Sports, the Big 10 Network, FOX Chicago and WLS AM Radio.



Now if you want to read through it, we made it easy for you.


By the numbers

Starting a fireHow to start a grill fire with Alpha Outpost and Johnny Vans

1 - Fill chimney with hard brick charcoal.

2 - Place an old paper bag inside chimney.

3 - Light paper bag.


Alpha outpostM05 - bbq and chill

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