The Hideout Box

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Next time you plan for a getaway, make sure you have the Hideout Box!

In this box:



A-Frame Tent

Hideout Patch

Hideout Top Card 

Customer Reviews

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I knew the items that were in the box. I was really impressed by the quality of them. I would recommend this box for the items you receive

The Hideout is Awesome

I have watched mixed reviews on the gear in The Hideout Box (bag). After receiving my own Hideout Box (bag), I have determined that it was well thought out and the gear quality is Great. I have tested the pillows and blanket, due to weather conditions I haven’t had a chance to test the tent. But after opening it up and checking seams and zippers it seems to be of good quality. I would recommend trying Alpha Outpost to my friends, Family, and anyone who is interested in getting quality gear at a reasonable price delivered to their house.

Love the camping stuff

Anything with camping can always use. Rain gear. Hats . Multi tools ! I have 1 million knives flash lights . Everyday use love

Can't beat their sales

The one man tent was worth more than I paid for the box on sale.

Cheap tent.

The tent supplied in this box is not made from quality materials or with any real craftsmanship. End tab over entrance broke during first use while staking in, and made for more than an inconvenieve for the weekend. With that being said, I have to be fair, the rest of the box was nice. The pillow and my favorite of the 3 items, the blanket were durable and convenient. The pillow folds up small and is easy to inflate and the blanket is warm as well as water resistant. The blanket has two sides, one is like a tarp material, and the other feels and looks like a green army blanket, like wool. This is a nice piece of gear, rolls up and stows into a manageable size, and for the price, even having a problem with the tent I still feel like I kinda got a deal, it’s just that the tent is pretty imporant, and if I hadn’t ensured a backup source of shelter I would of had to cancel my trip.