Check out some of our past boxes that we’ve shipped to our members recently.

Range Day – January 2017

Scenario The Range Box is an emergency go to kit that has the tools you need to be safe & ready at a moment’s notice.  Fuse it with your EDC and add more shooting content if you wish!  Either way, you now have the tools and training to relax and have fun in a safe way, all the while sharpening your shooting skills at the range, enjoy!

Training by A Former Law Enforcement Training Center Firearms Instructor.

Tools include Uvex ballistic eyewear, Gun Multitool, Gun Oil X 3, Targets X3, Eye Pro Bag, Ear Pro and case, Range Day Patch.

The Poseidon – December 2016

Scenario In our Poseidon box, Poseidon himself will grant you with the powers of the sea and appoint you the protector of all waters. By wielding this box you will be able to control water treatment, which is important to maintaining your health in the outdoors.

Training by United States Army Drill Sergeant

Tools include Sawyer Filter System, Platypus Water Bottle, AO Water Bottle, Purification Tabs, Poseidon Patch

The Feast – November 2016

Scenario When it comes to cooking and eating outdoors, we like to take it to the extreme. So, say goodbye to fancy five-star restaurants, and bow down to mother nature! In our feast box, we provide you with the right tools to make outdoor cooking much easier, and much tastier.

Training by The hungry veterans and patriots at Alpha Outpost.

Tools include Primus Classic Trail Stove, Chop Knife, Feast Knife, Feast Utensil, Creole Seasoning, Cedar Plank/Cutting Board, Metal Skewers, Esbit Fire Tabs, Feast Patch

The Predator – October 2016

Scenario  After getting away into the wild for a few days, you get hungry.  Using this kit you can capture your own nutrition.  This is an emergency hunting kit that is small enough to hide away in any EDC bag but perfect for when you really need it.

Training by Mark Steck, over 43 years of professional trapping and baiting experience.

Tools include The SOG Spirit Spear, Karambit Knife, Body Grip Trap, 3 Snares, Snare and Trap book, Predator Patch.

The Wilderness – September 2016

Scenario  You’ve been working your butt off for the longest, when was the last time you had time for yourself?  When was the last time you just admired the great outdoors?  Abandon the desk and go back to the basics for the weekend.  Enter and be satisfied into the wilderness at a moments notice.

Training by A 15 year CIA operative and wilderness survivalist.

Tools include The Grunt Style Woobie, Personal Water Filter – up to 400 gallons of use, a long-stay fire starter, light weight-heavy duty hammock.

The Every Day Carry – Initial Issue 1

Scenario  You are on a subway in the city meeting friends… BOOM!  Lights go out, you find yourself on the ground.  People are screaming, smoke everywhere… What’s your next move?

Training by A former Master Trainer from the CIA and the Men at Alpha Outpost.

Tools include The EDC Go Bag, Foldable Tanto Knife, Flashlight, Chapstick, Alpha Outpost Patch, Paracord.

The Gentleman – Initial Issue 2

Scenario  How to have an epic night out with friends

Training by the Men and Women at Alpha Outpost

Tools include Whiskey Glasses (2), Whiskey Stones (9) and box, Steel Flask, Metal or Wood Comb, Tactical Pen, Field Notes book, De Espresso Liber Coffee, Power Bank, Black Tie, Credit Card Knife and home drink menu.

The Medic – Initial Issue 3

Scenario  On a hike and suddenly grizzly bear attacks your friend.  A broken bone, puncured lung, profuse bleeding and more.

Training by Former Army Combat Medics, CIA Media and Green Beret Medic.

Tools include Profuse bleeding Pack, Chest Wound Pack, Fracture Pack, Medical Shears, Medical Bag, Medic Patch, CPR Mask.

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