Written By Eric Bergland - June 03 2016

How to Use a Straight Razor

Eric Bergland | June 03 2016


Hugh O'Rourke
December 08 2016

Sounds like a lot of buthurts whiners on here

July 24 2016

The razor is dull. But because of its quality I don’t think any pro would hone it as it’d likely break. Also when using a straight razor you should always run a few passes on swerved belt and then a leather belt.
But don’t give up on wet shaving. Get yourself a nice safety razor, brush, bowl and some good cream. Or go a step further and get a straight razor set with a belt.

Mitchell Perkins
July 08 2016

I agree with the other posts. Overall the kit was okay. The razor however, not so good. Guys, take a look at your product ts and use them before shipping them out to us. This razor is useless as it is. I shouldn’t have t OK pay to get a new razor professionally sharpened.
Looking forward to next month’s kit though.

June 28 2016

Most razors come dull to shave with. Spend the money to get it professionally sharpened, and you will be glad for it.

James Trombley
June 14 2016

I agree with previous post in regards to the straight razor; it simply was dull. I shouldn’t have to spend time sharpening the razor before it’s first use. I’m happy with everything else in the kit, especially the soap and scrub(soap bag).

Rob Berry
June 14 2016

I tried to shave with this razor and it was the most painful shaving experience I’ve had. I don’t know if I’ll ever try the razor again…

June 07 2016

Good advice… except there is no explination at the angle to hold the blade… and unfortunately… my blade came duller than a 20 year old light bulb and wouldnt hold an edge no matter how much i took a razor strop to it. Worst straight razor shave of my life… rest of the kit was good, razor was only disappointment. I expect a bit more out of Alpha Outpost!!

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