Written By Jarrett Dowey - May 25 2016

The Durability of the AO Tactical Pen

Jarrett Dowey | May 25 2016


October 14 2016

pen does not work

September 30 2016

n=more gun use

June 09 2016

This company sucks! I have cancelled my membership. The hostage box was a joke… So was the DOPP Kit (Box 7) All junk. I gotta say this…"Strike someone with the bill of the hat!? Yeah right! I’m not referring to the spiked hat attachment (The Battle Betel?); I’m talking about the Hostage Manual suggesting to hit an attacker with the bill of the hat! Hahaha! Oh, this Hostage Box.. ! God I can go on and on about how bad all this stuff is made.. My multi tool/ knuckle weapon was rusted upon arrival for FU#@s sake! The handcuff shims. Garbage. Have any of you seen a real handcuff shim? Well, they dont break like a coke tab with the slightest pressure, It is supposed to have some rigidity to it so it wont break in half, and it can be used multiple times. I would be surprised if the shim(s) they sent out could last through one attempt to escape a pair of handcuffs..Maybe they would work on some sex shop fuzzy cuffs?? I also believe they pulled a bait and switch with the shims just like they did with the pen. The shim in the video is better made than the crap they sent. I am pissed. You all should be as well. You need to be careful with the tools you choose, because you may actually depend on them one day to save your life; these will get you hurt or worse -killed.

They act like bad ass Americans, yet they peddle cheap Chinese junk to their subscribers. Hell, I can find 80% of this stuff at a flea-market or gas station for 20% of what the box costs.You all need to wake up and realize this company is a joke, and all you are getting is Alpha Outpost swag. They love their name, huh? Its on 99% of the “gear” they send out to us. I am going to try a SOFREP box ad see how the two compare.

May 31 2016

wish i had one that worked that well shattered mine when i stabbed it into wood it shattered should have taken pics i would love to see it held to a propane torch to see how long till it melts they seem to be made out of pot metal that or the one they are testing is not the one they sent us. please show us this breaking a window like you said it would and why is it different then the one you showed us first that we would get?

Barry Rutter
May 26 2016

Just like any company there are some issues that are out of their control. Alpha Outpost has not been around for half a year yet. You pay for a starting company that appreciates their customers and tries to do what is best. Mistakes will be made as mistakes are made every day in every aspect of our lives. No one is forcing you to purchase a subscription from Alpha Outpost. It is by choice that you subscribe. Please do not let a tactical pen mistake ruin the real reason you signed up in the first place. I do not know if you are a Veteran but this company is all about Veterans helping Veterans. Alpha Outpost is full of good people that have never made excuses for any short comings in their process. Tactical pen or not, I am proud to support these people and hope the best for them in the future.

Steven Long
May 25 2016

so…are we going to get these soon seeing as how the next box should be shipping soon and i still don’t have this I’m beginning to wonder what I pay for.

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