Written By Daniel Alarik - May 05 2016

3 Striking tools to survive any hostage situation

Daniel Alarik | May 05 2016


October 13 2016

some of the gear real no idea too use

Shane Bryant
July 28 2016

Where can we buy just the Battle Hat Tooth…. in a bulk order… ?

Thomas Campbell
May 30 2016

Did anyone else get a hat that would not fit? I can’t even use my hat. The stash compartment is cool… bit its no good because I can’t wear it. My continued subscription is riding on the next box, “The Drop Box”..fingers crossed.

Daniel Alarik CEO of Alpha Outpost
May 12 2016

@Robert, though we normally get fantastic reviews, this past box definitely did not hold it’s weight as you should expect. If you’re willing to give us another shot, we’re throwing in a free gift for you. This next box is going to be fantastic. -Daniel Alarik, CEO of Alpha Outpost

May 09 2016

The hat is a flippen joke. Won’t stay connected in the back. This box was filled with a lot of CHEAP junk. Very disappointed to say the least. 1st box too.

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