Written By Daniel Alarik - May 05 2016

The Hostage Survivor - WTF are all these tools??

Daniel Alarik | May 05 2016


David Downing
July 14 2016

I think I’ll wait until the quality of your products improve.

Cory minarcik
May 22 2016

Never received the pen in the hostage box the rest is great

Paul B
May 19 2016

I am severely disappointed in this months box. I know there was a problem with the pens and that you will be send these out soon, but my box was missing 2 other items. I did not receive the Handcuff Key Bracelet or the Mini Multi Tool. I will say that I am not sure that I want to receive these items now after reading through a bunch of the comments about the quality of these items. This months box definitely was not worth the amount of money that you guys are charging for these. Hopefully the next box will be better or you can kiss my subscription goodbye.

Arturo Suarez
May 18 2016

Wow these was my first box , not to happy with it , I too did not receive my pen , I really hope the next one is better

Thomas Campbell
May 18 2016

I have not received my tactical pen that dI’d nit come in the box.I did get an email saYing i would get it 7 dsys laterm in a speerage delivery. I was very disappointed with last month’s hostage escspe box. Like many others I am giving a second chance because the BBQ back was pretty good. Please advise on pen situation. Thanks.

May 16 2016

Got my first box the hostage box…little bit of a joke going to give it one more chance. I also didnt get my pen.

Gary Del'Abatte
May 15 2016

Dude! Really? I just signed up and your first box sucks? I am reading the comments and it leads one to believe that this is generally not the case. I will give it one more month before I have to cancel. It’s a great idea but the execution so far has been just a bunch of plastic and vinyl pouches made in China!

Cody Huntington
May 14 2016

I was disappointed in this box, it was my first one. I did get the email stating that the pen will be shipped soon. I will give next month a try to see if it gets better, If not I will cancel.

Doug Phelps
May 13 2016

Last months box was great. This months box, well I think its already been said. And as an FYI, some of you may want to check your state statutes but some states consider it illegal to carry a handcuff key, especially a concealed one. I would think the same would go for the shims. Any trained LEO should be able to find or recognize all your hidden pouches and items. Granted I would hope none of you would have to be detained by your local LEO but if you are and the find the hidden handcuff key and the shims you will more than likely have a serious situation on your hands.

Rick Marez
May 12 2016

How much

Kenny Wiley
May 11 2016

I rarely buy into gimmicky offers online or impulse items at stores, but I love supporting American companies especially with VETERAN employees. I served for a bit and unfortunately I don’t know anyone who I formerly worked with who would find a practical use out of these items. Obviously they have a use but not practical items for regular use let alone hostile situations. I also bought a 3 month subscription for a VETERAN buddy as a wedding present so hopefully the next two boxes make up for first. Appreciate the note from the CEO and hopefully it is followed through because there are beginning to be many box subscription companies coming into the market. Support the Troops, Veterans, and their Families!

Thomas Karraker
May 11 2016

got my first box and like many other people no battle pen thought the rest of the gear was great and look forward to trying some of them out and cant wait to see what comes next and whats in the rest of boxes

Derrek Baudoin
May 11 2016

I got the hostage survivor box and got everything but the pen. How do i go about getting the pen?

May 11 2016

I agree with the above comments. This is my first box and it was a little bit of a let down. There was no pen and it seemed a little lacking for the money. Definitely sticking with you guys, because I believe you have a great idea here. Holding any comments or recommendations to friends until I get this months box. Is there any way I can get my pen, could definitely use it on the job.

CEO of Alpha Outpost - Daniel Alarik
May 10 2016

We hear you guys and want to do better every month. Though normally we enjoy the great feedback over the past few months this past box was not what you should expect moving forward. Though the training was solid and the tools does the job, we want to make sure you get the value you deserve every month. So every customer from the Hostage Survivor box who get’s a box next month is getting a special gift from us. -Daniel Alarik

May 10 2016

First box was amazing. This hostage survivor box however, was not so great. There are some useful things in this box, but it seems like there is a major drop in quality from last months box to this one. I can appreciate how coming up with a new box full of useful tools can be difficult, so I don’t think this will be my last box, but what I can’t appreciate is that I didn’t even get all the items listed. Hopefully a tactical pen will find its way to my door to make up for not being in the box.

I’ll be crossing my fingers for a better box next month.

Colt Freund
May 10 2016

Alpha Outpost was recommended by some army buddies of mine, only to get a follow phone call of sorry bro this months box sucked! You have one more month to make things right! I didn’t just sign myself up but also sent an additional box to my brother. So I’m out x2. Maybe next month throw in the missing pen? I see past box’s were well worth the $, this month not so much. Turn it around please and thank you for your service!

May 10 2016

My first box and this sucks. I didn’t get a pen.

Chris Juelsgaard
May 10 2016

I really want to support you guys but I’m having trouble recommending you to friends do to the carnival prize quality stuff you put in the boxes. Also, I didn’t recieve the pen that was supposedly inside. WTF, I hope the CEO was serious and will rectify this with my next, possibly last box. Thanks.

Matt Ferguson
May 09 2016

I just received my first box today and, like many others this month, I wasn’t impressed. I feel like the quality of the tools in the box didn’t quite reflect the price. Most of the items seem like things you’d expect to see at a dollar store. Really there’s only two or three items I might carry with me on a regular basis. I truly hope that this next box isn’t my last. I appreciate your efforts to try to make up for these oversight. Thanks

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