The TeePee Fire

Grab a roll of toilet...

Grab a roll of toilet paper and go take a shi…we’re joking, the teepee fire is not a toilet paper fire but a fire in the shape of a teepee tent. The teepee fire is commonly used in campfires because how efficient it is. It is really simple to light, maintain, and burns well.

Finding and preparing the area:

Be aware of your surroundings. Find an area where nothing else can catch fire. A gust of wind can make a flame leap somewhere flammable. Similarly, keep your tent far enough that it will not damage it. Once you have found an area, clear a circle.

Tip: Make a circle with large rocks to keep the fire contained.

Gather Material:

When gathering firewood, pick up wood from the ground that is dry and dead already. If you are going to use fresh-cut wood keep in mind that it will be more difficult to burn and it will cause a smoky fire. To start a fire using the Alpha Outpost Torch box, you can use Fiberlight as tinder. Next, grab some twigs for kindling, and use the Alpha Outpost Saw to get fuel.

Begin to build the fire:

To start the fire, add tinder in the center. Now, with some kindling begin to build the base of the teepee structure. Maintain some gaps in between the kindling to make sure you won’t suffocate the fire. Also, leave a small opening to light the tinder.

Light the tinder through the small opening. Once the tinder moves on to the kindling, slowly start adding larger and thicker branches. Don’t put too much all at once, you want the fire to get plenty of air.

Now enjoy your fire and appreciate your primitive caveman work!



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