Organized like an MRE; The Medic Kit

Organized like an MRE Vacuumed...

Organized like an MRE

Vacuumed sealed MRE packaging

Don't have enough patience or time to get your first aid kit organized? Our third initial box, the Medic Kit, resembles the familiar MRE packaging because we want you to have an effortless, stress-free task pulling out medical supplies on the spot.


Alpha Outpost Fracture Pack

The contents of the emergency medic kit are tactically bundled into separate compartments for immediate reference. Each package offers a solution to a high-stress situation.


Alpha Outpost Medic Kit 

Vacuum packaging also helps eliminate some or all oxygen that commonly contributes to deterioration while making the package lighter and water tight.


Water Tight Packaging 

Another advantage to this style of packaging is that dust, insects, and a variety of other external elements that may harm or damage the products will not be able to penetrate the package.


What your backpack can look like after a long journey


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