The Hands of Time

Imagine not having a watch or sundial compass to help you keep track of time. Now the sun is falling and you don’t have an idea of how much light you have left. This scenario can easily change one’s state of mind and cause panic. By using your fingers, you can attain a general idea of how many hours are left until the sunsets. This method can also be used if it’s slightly cloudy and you can barely see the sun.

To do this, hold your hand out completely, and align your fingers parallel to the ground.  Fully extend your arm with your first four fingers, (not your thumb) place them right below the sun. Your fingers are now 15-minute time rulers. To put this in perspective, if you stick your hand out and measured about 8 fingers from the bottom of the sun to the horizon, that’s about 2 hours of sunlight left.

Remember, this is just an estimate of how much time you have left. Also, some people have larger fingers than others, so time may vary.

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