Setting up the Alpha Outpost Pocket Grill

After a long day of...

After a long day of hiking and an empty stomach imagine how a delicious steak would
taste over a firewood grill. Well with the Alpha Outpost Pocket Grill you can cook
anywhere without the bulk and weight of a regular grill.


1) Unscrew the end cap


2) Empty out contents


3) Get the two tubes and place the larger top and
bottom holes upwards (this is for the stands)


4) Leave the top and bottom smaller holes open (for
elbow rods)


5) Place metal rods in holes


6) Grab L-Shaped rods


7) Screw L-shaped rods in from outside to inside


8) Grab 4 Grill Legs


9) Screw end cap and Grill Legs in to tighten grill frame



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