Halloween safety tips

Remember the good old days...

Remember the good old days of Halloween? The simple, yet fun way about it all. Not having to worry if someone placed a razor in your bite size snicker’s bar. Well, a lot has changed since our last-minute plastic drugstore masks. Now a day, as adults we should be on the lookout for anything suspicious that our kids can get a hold of. Below are some safety tips you should keep in mind during Halloween.



It all depends on you, the adult. If you have mature kid/s and trust them not to be stupid then have them stay in well-known secure areas. Children under 12 should be supervised, but if you still want to give your kids some independence just let them know you’ll hang back and monitor them at a distance.


Walking Safely

  1. Take a flashlight with you and your kids. Glow sticks are an alternative as well. Remember, the Sun sets sooner this time of year, depending on where you are in the world of course.
  2. Use common sense. Look both ways before crossing the street with children.
  3. Always use sidewalks or designated paths.
  4. NO RUNNING. Your kids might get scared and dart into traffic if they see something spooky. (Wouldn’t say this, if I haven’t seen it)
  5. Teach kids to never cross the street between parked vehicles.



Drive Safe

  1. While you’re driving in residential neighborhoods slowdown.
  2. If entering a driveway, take it slow, carefully, and alert.
  3. Turn those headlights on earlier so you can be seen and so children can see you.
  4. Get familiar with local trick-or-treating hours to identify heavy foot traffic hours.


What else would you recommend as a safety tip during Halloween?



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  • Ralph Jones says...

    Make sure you check the candy in the bag before your children eat from it.

    On November 08, 2017

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