Coffee on the Go

If you’re a coffee addict connoisseur, you might agree that one of the best things of waking up in the morning is a nice cup of coffee. Now if you are out camping, you don’t have the luxury of a coffee machine. BUT imagine waking up inside your tent and looking outside…the sun rays beaming through the trees, fresh morning breeze hitting your face, dew on the grass, birds chirping. The only thing that’s missing is that warm cup of coffee in your hands.


Before, you had to force down instant packs of coffee that are just too tart and bland, and that right there just ruins your morning. Now you’re wondering, “well how do I make great coffee outdoors?” 


We’re not going to show you the fancy way of making coffee like all those French presses that you see on Instagram, but we will give you the easiest method so you can enjoy the comfort of a cup of joe in the wild. 


The Coffee “tea” Bag

Just like a tea bag, coffee bags are simple and quick to make and don’t take up that much space. To make one, all you need is: 

- Ground coffee of your choice

- Empty tea bags or coffee filter

- Floss or fishing line to tie shut (if using coffee filter as bag)

- Creamer & Sugar (optional)

To make a coffee tea bag all you have to do is add coffee to a tea bag or if you are using a coffee filter, pour the desired amount in the center then fold upwards and tie off the top.

Note: The more scoops you use the stronger.

The concept is simple, if you have ever made tea, it’ll be even simpler.  Now to brew it, boil some water, drop the bag into a coffee mug, pour the water over it, and let it seep. That’s it. This ingenious trick saves space and makes clean up that much easier.

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