Bug out and Dig in

When shit hits the fan and it's time to bug out will you be ready? A survivor must understand the fundamental tools and training to dig in and survive. Food, water, and shelter are the basic needs of survival.


The human body can survive for 3 weeks without food. Your body during that time will consume muscle while storing fat. Food is an essential item for your kit. My suggestion to you is protein bars. They are small, light, and contain the nutrients to keep your body properly functioning. This will give you time to establish traps or other hunting techniques. If you lack the skills to attain a fresh kill you will be stuck eating grubs and other insects as a food source.


Not everyone bugs out with a pot to boil water. You should have bottle water purifying tablets are a convenient way to substitute a pot. The water may taste like shit but you won't lose all bodily control of your bowels due to dysentery.


A knife and wire saw will allow you to cut down small trees and branches to build a shelter. The wilderness offers a number of items to tie your shelter together. Dead plants, vines, and twigs will allow you to properly tie your shelter together. Shelter conceals the survivor from predators and keeps you dry.

Other items to help you survive

Your kit should also include a compass to lead you back in the direction in which you originally came from. A fire starter and or matches is another must. These tools will allow you to create a fire for warmth, cooking, and as a defensive tool to fend off animals. A sidearm does a better job if you don't carry one you need to reevaluate your manhood. 

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