Best Pulled Chicken Thighs

Best grilled pulled chicken thighs with johnny vans and alpha outpost

How to make the best pulled chicken thighs on the grill with Johnny Vans and Alpha Outpost.  

Johnny Van is the chef/owner of Johnny Van's Smokehouse, Chicago's premiere BBQ on-site catering company.  JV follow his lifelong passion of BBQ and outdoor cooking by opening the business in 2012 after careers in the US Army and corporate America.  Johnny and his food has been featured on the Travel Channel, PBS, CBS Sports, the Big 10 Network, FOX Chicago and WLS AM Radio.




Step 1 with Johnny Vans on Grilled Chicken ThighsIngredients:

1-2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs

4 TBS of Johnny Vans BBQ Island Thyme Rub (or something not as good because there's nothing as good as Johnny Vans).


Chicken thighs temperature is medium high.

Pulled Chicken

Place chicken on direct heat for 3-4 min each side.

After cooking for 12 minutes, move chicken to indirect heat.

Let chicken cook to 165 F.


Pull chicken apart with bear claws from Alpha OutpostShred the chicken apart with bear claws (if you were a member of Alpha Outpost in the month of March 2016, you love them).




M05 - bbq and chill

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