3 Striking tools to survive any hostage situation
Battle Beetle by Alpha Outpost and Readyman


The hairs on the back of your neck are pin-needles.  You know you have to fight to survive.  But if you have to fight to survive a hostage situation, remember, you're not Jason Bourne.  Do not fight to kill, fight to get away.

Here are the 3 striking tools everyone needs to have on them to survive being a hostage.  These items were part of the Alpha Outpost Hostage Survivor box.


1.  Battle Tooth

Battle tooth from Alpha Outpost

Most people will look at this and think it's some sort of man-jewelry.  You may recall the 80's when wearing dog chains and spikes were fashionable in some places.  This is a striking tool that will do some serious damage without looking like a weapon until it's too late.

Tips for using the Battle Tooth:

1.  Put it on the back of your hat where the snaps are or on your wrist watch strap.

2.  On your hat to use grip the bill and strike with full force.

3.  Use repeated strikes.


2.  Tactical Hat

Using a hat as a weapon by Alpha Outpost

What makes it a tactical hat?  You use it to defend your self and others.  Virtually any hat can be a tactical hat.  The best part is that it's a weapon that you can carry anywhere and do some serious damage with.  

Tips for using a tactical hat:

1.  Grip the snap back and use the bill as a weapon.

2.  Use repeated strikes.

3.  Use with the battle tooth to break some serious skin.


3.  Battle Beetle

Battle Beetle by Alpha Outpost and Readyman

The Battle Beetle was designed by the hostage survival experts at Readyman.  They created a "bike tool" that you can attach to your key chain for simple uses like a bottle opener, screwdriver, wrench, etc.  But the fun part is when you really have to use it as a weapon.  It has been carefully designed to be used as a striking tool.  This hard piece of metal can cause some serious quick damage. 

Tips for using the Battle Beetle tool:

1.  Grip the Beetle like brass knuckles.

2.  Punch with full force jabs.

3.  Use your other arm to guard your chest, neck, and stomach.


Fighting techniques with the Battle Beetle:

Battle Beetle techniques

Battle Beetle Techniques continued.

M06 - the hostage survivor

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