10 Ways to NOT be "that guy"

Don’t show up trashed. You’ll...

Don’t show up trashed. You’ll probably show up to the wrong party anyway.


Don’t get trashed. You’ll never be invited again.


Don’t leave trash. Don’t be a pig. Men leave places better than they arrived.


Don’t show up “fashionably” late. A few minutes is fine, but showing up when the food is cold shows disrespect to the host.


Never be first in line to eat. Women and children first. Don’t let your only impression on people be a selfish one.


Don’t curse a lot. Big turn off to some people.

If there are kids around and no water nearby, keep your shirt on.

Don’t stick your fingers in the food. Most people don’t want your fingers in their mouth this is just as gross.

Don’t leave without saying “bye” to the host. They took the time to invite you, be polite, and let them know when you leave.

Don’t complain about the party. This is a fast way to never get invited to any party again because you’re the guy who complains about them.

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