How to find fish

How do some fisherman have a certain advantage over others? The main reason is being able to think like a fish. Just like a hunter, you should understand your prey’s habitats. If some of this [...]

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Quick Camping Fish Recipe

What you need: Fish that you caught with the Kraken and that you filleted with your bare hands Salt and pepper/ seasoning of choice Place the fish on top of aluminum foil. Sprinkle your seasoning [...]

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How to scale, gut, and fillet a fish

The process of removing the scales from a fish is known as "scaling or descaling" and can be quite difficult if not executed correctly. One of the reasons you want to descale a fish is [...]

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Finding Live Bait: Night crawlers

Grass Mat Technique To attract worms and keep them in a spot where they are easily gathered, make a worm bed. Place several inches of matted straw over dirt you have loosened and turned with [...]

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How to tie a Palomar Knot

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Makeshift Stretcher

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